Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande

SO for the past few months and right now I adore Ariana Grande. I’ve been listening to her latest album, Dangerous Woman and I honestly can’t get enough. My favorite songs on this album are Sometimes, Greedy, & of course her singles Dangerous Woman & Side-2-Side.

Besides that, I recently purchased ARI by Ariana Grande fragrance from ULTA. This was the greatest purchase i’ve ever done in life. Not only did I buy the fragrance but ULTA has special gifts that are for FREE when you purchase this perfume. At the time I had no idea. I received a robe, leg warmers, and a laptop case.

Not only did I fall in love with the smell, I then researched on Google more Ariana Grande products and I came across a steal! ARI by Ariana Grande the body mist, is sold at Target for $9.99 each.  I remebered that I received ia coupon in the mail from Target, a week ago that was specifically for beauty/fragrance items only. I thought what is the Beauty in that? I have the coupon and have an urge to get TWO of these body mist. Bought them today, best Christmas Ever!

Thanks Ariana!

Official Fragrance

Buy Her Body Mist



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