Famous Youtubers: My Favorites

What is a Youtuber

You-tube’r noun a person that creates video footage who posts them on a platform called Youtube on their personally channel frequently and has a subscriber following from hundreds to millions of people across the world.

I’ll give you my top four Youtubers who all have very different personalities.

LATOYA FOREVER, she has two youtube channels. One that features her doing challenges, comedy skits, and randomness they’ll make you smile. Her other channel features her family and friends daily activities, whether it’s shopping, pranking each other, or relationship drama. I actually meet LaToya at one of her Meet & Greets and I took photos with her. She’s an awesome young woman!

LaToya’s Channel

CJ SO COOL, has millions of subscribers. He’s known for doing extreme pranks and reaction videos. If you like to laugh, or if you’re really into sneakers and stepping your gear up to look fly, CJ is your kind of guy.

CJ’s Channel

REMILIFE, she has two channels as well. If you like someone who seems to be as sweet a pie and cheerful most days, I recommend watching her! Her spirit is incredible. Remi has a more softer side to her and she loves her dog Daisy.  She’s known for her DIY projects, vlogs, and cooking with Remi videos.

Remi’s Channel

TTTYLTEALA, she has two channels as well. I love her spirit as well, Teala could honestly be my best friend! I mainly watch her vlog channel that features her best friends and most of the time seeing her order Starbucks drinks!

Teala’s Channel

Go subscribe!




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