Making Shopping Easy For Everyone

Tis the Season for holiday shopping. Tis the season for long lines and grumpy faces.

Here are some tips for those of you going out BLACK FRIDAY OR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING to possibly gift to others, yourself, or just for the home.

  1. Have a list and stick to it!
  2. Know your budget. DON’T stuff your cart w/ items you know you’re not going to buy.
  3. Have your cash ready once you’re in line! (This means don’t leave your credit/debit card in the car by accident.)
  4. Take off the hangers in line if you are excessively buying clothing items.
  5. If you find yourself needing to dig in your purse, dig at an empty register NOT the one that everyone needs to check out at.
  6.  Get your kids a babysitter or make sure they are near you at all times!
  7. Be courteous to your Cashier, they’re doing you a service not your chores at home! (This means put the carts back where they go)
  8.  Expect to be waiting in the lines duh!
  9. Remember to check your list twice!
  10. Finally spread Holiday Cheer!




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