Choker Trend

Chokers are all what’s poppin right now for women and girls, specifically targeting ages 13-36. Yes it’s one of those old trends that has resurfaced the scene. I’ll show you different types and you’ll be the judge of your own chocker choose or choose none at all.

ZigZag chocker is usually worn by girls who are edgy yet,dark in style. It is the most popular i’ve seen worn, yet my least favorite. 
Charm Chokers are usually worn to give a little more glam to your outfit yet, still edgy that may also feature chains.
Jeweled chokers are more of my style. I’d pair it w/ a solid colored dress and use my chocker as a statement piece to tied in the ensemble. I’ve just created elegance! 

Which one is your fave and how would you pair it? Leave a comment below.



One thought on “Choker Trend

  1. I love the choker pictures and ideas. I have a 16 year old that shops at Claire for chokers. Claire offers a variety of styles and affordable for any budget. They have a clearance section which ranges from $1 to $3. Thanks for sharing.


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