The Hot Wing Challenge

We all love to put a little spice in our lives whether that’s romance, a new hobby, or tasting a hot recipe that’ll send you SCREAMING for water. Why am I talking about spicy food?  How is that a trends? Well, a lot of Youtubers (Youtube video creators) are filming themselves and their friends and titling the video “The Hot Wing Challenge.”

Some Americans Youtubers are buying their wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, or WingStop. Those are two mainstreams places to get your wings.

Latoya Forever, A famous Canadian Youtuber. She took a trip to London with her group of friends which, they all took the challenge (more like spitting them out fast enough challege lol) These particular wings were the HOTTEST WINGS in London! Click the link to see Latoya’s Hot Wings Challenge  video or check out “CJ COOL COOL’s Video . He and his girlfriends are timing themselves to see who has the most wings! Hot Wings Challenge

Would you ever dare to take on this challenge? Record your video, post it on Youtube and send me the link! See you soon.



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